ARENA 9 – TECNARE Sound Systems

Arena 9 is located at the Pitstop Palembang, Indonesia has undergone a complete total renovation to be the best of best in Palembang and cater all the party goers in the city. PT Monalisa Tunggal Jaya was chosen to do the complete renovation on design of Lighting and Sound Systems for the newly rebranded ARENA 9. PT Monalisa Tunggal Jaya chose TECNARE Sound Systems to make sure the Final Quality of the Sound Systems provided…

Southbank Club – TECNARE Sound Systems

Southbank Club, the biggest club in Bandung entrusted their Sound Systems Solution on the Main Stage using TECNARE IBZA-1561 Biamp Passive Systems installed by Global Pro Audio.

Beacon Academy – MACH Sound Systems

Beacon Academy – MACH Sound Systems is selected among many other brands for the newly built and developed International School located in North Jakarta.

NYC Ride – Cycling Cross-Fit State of the Art Sound Systems

NYC Ride is the New and Futuristically Designed Cycling Cross-Fit that takes the Class into the New Age Modern Class where the Lighting and Sound is intergrated to Pump Up the Moods and Ambience of the Class in motion.