NYC Ride is the New and Futuristically Designed Cycling Cross-Fit that takes the Class into the New Age Modern Class where the Lighting and Sound is intergrated to Pump Up the Moods and Ambience of the Class in motion. With the Impressively Designed Lighting Effects, the Sound Systems installed with Cornered Audio Systems are impressively the BEST Quality that we can ever imagine.

The Sound Systems provides the Loud and Clear Systems. The Size for the room is not great and the Ceiling Height is only less than 4 Meters, therefore Cornered Audio was chosen and believed is the BEST ever systems that can coup with the design.

The systems installed for Sound Experience are as follows:

– 2 Units x Cornered Audio C-6 TRM (1000 Watt High Power Compact Speakers)
– 2 Units x Cornered Audio C-6
– 1 Unit x TECNARE Power Amplifier MA-800
– 2 Units x MACH SubWoofer M-151i – Mid Throw Subwoofer Speakers
– 1 Units x TECNARE Power Amplfiier MCH -4700
– 1 Unit x Mc-Lelland Audio Mixers MC-
– 1 Unit x Digisynthetic Processor Systems
– 1 Sets x AZTEC Wireless Microphone Sets ACT-8098 Sets

The Sound Systems of NYC Ride Cross Fit is one of the Best for the Fitness and Gym Class because it provided not only Clarity and Power but also Comfort, everyone is very impressed at how Cornered Audio excels their Speakers Quality.