Paradiso Club located in Tegal Chose TECNARE Sound Systems from SPAIN. Owner and Management are very keen with the Sound Quality upon demonstration and Sound Test. Everyone is very impressed with the Sound Quality and Loudness delivered by TECNARE Speaker from SPAIN.

Paradiso has a world class standard in Lighting and Sound Systems makes them the pioneer and biggest around Tegal City.

TECNARE Sound Systems installed are as follows:
– 4 Units x TECNARE IBZA 15 Active PCC Speakers
– 2 Units x TECNARE SW-218M Passive Subwoofer Systems
– 1 Unit x TECNARE MH-4000 Power Amplifier
– 1 Unit x EDRIVE 600 Processor
– 1 Unit x AZTEC Wireless Microphone ACT-8098 Sets

The owner and all manament are very pleased the sound systems delivered. “TECNARE is a very good Sound Systems, it comes with the price and brand quality” said the Owner coming pleased with the systems installed.