Beacon Academy – MACH Sound Systems is selected among many other brands for the newly built and developed International School located in North Jakarta. The Owners are very careful in selecting the brands and systems with a lot of audio systems background with high quality and price brands.

In the selection process, the owners tried to listen of the MACH Systems and very impressed with the Vocal Quality of the MACH Systems range.There is none like this with the European Quality products that can produce such a comfortable Vocal Sound with a comfortable listening to the speakers.

The Sound Systems Installations are as following systems:
– 4 Units x MACH Speakers M-15T Front Top Box
– 2 Units x MACH Sub Woofer – MS118 Long Throw Subwoofer Systems
– 2 Units x MACH Sub Woofer – M-218T Direct Subwoofer Systems
– 4 Units x MACH Speakers M-12T Delay Speakers
– 2 Unit x Power Amplifiers Systems
– 2 Units x TECNARE Power Amplifiers MH-4700
– 1 Sets x Mixer & Audio Processor Systems
– 2 Units x AZTEC Wireless Microphone ACT-8098 Sets.

After the installations, the owners couldn’t wait to hear the Sound output from MACH Systems and once we did the trial, the sound quality travels the whole auditorium perfectly and evenly distributed.

The coupling of MACH M-15T and MACH M-12T is a perfect choice, nothing could replace the Duet from both speakers character that blends together. Everyone is very happy and even all teachers and audience are very impressed with the shows performed on the Auditorium because we have the perfect solutions of Light, Sound and LED Display Systems.