Square Club located in BATAM newest luxury i-Hotel, the Square Club is the most highly recommended place to hang out in BATAM. The new Club has one of the best Lighting, Sound Systems and LED Display Screen installed on the area.

One of the most prestigious Club in BATAM is now available to reach out the audiences and for the enjoyment of the guests. The Lighting systems installed using AZTEC Professional Lighting Systems are as follows:

– 4 Units x AZTEC Moving Head ZACK BEAM 4 in 1 (Wash , Spot , Beam and Zoom)
– 4 Units x AZTEC Moving Head K-5 LED Profile
– 4 Units x AZTEC Moving Head LED Beam 60 W
– 8 Units x AZTEC Moving Head Beam Sharpy 2R
– 2 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 36 RGB
– 6 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 64 / 48 RGBW
– 2 Units x AZTEC LASER EXCELLENT 5 WATT RGB PRO with Pangolin Systems
– 1 Sets x MARTIN Light Jockey II USB-DMX PRO
– 2 Units x AZTEC Smoke Machine D-1500
– 2 Units x MARTIN Atomic Stobe 3000 DMX
– 4 Units x AZTEC Alumunium Rigging 220 x 220 x 2Mtr Rigging Fourangle with Egg Joining

Sound Systems installed using TECNARE Sound Systems from SPAIN. installed with:
– 8 Units x TECNARE LA-312 Line Array Speakers

Square Club has now be the best place in BATAM to hang out and it gathers crowd from all the areas. Owner and all Managemets team are very pleasant with the full outcome result. It was all a worthwhile investment.