Sinar Sport Hotel – Bengkulu – LED Screen Outdoor – Lighting – Sound Systems Auditorium

Sinar Sport Hotel Bengkulu upgraded their AZTEC LED Screen Display Outdoor Systems Videotron with the High Resolution Display of P-4.81 Outdoor Display Sized 2×2 Meter to make it used for all their promotional activities, events, Hotel promotions and other billboard uses. AZTEC LED Display Screen Systems was chosen for its quality and reliability. It has been a great uses and durability without any doubt. Owner and Managements are very satisfied of the quality and results…

Perpustakaan Nasional – Cornered Audio Line Source Installation

Perpustakaan Nasional chose the best quality Sound Systems from Denmark of Cornered Audio Line Source Installation. With the newly known products of Cornered Audio from Denmark, Words are spread in vast demand of the Sound Clarity with the perfect quality of installation.

Sinar Sport Hotel – Bengkulu – Lighting Stage & Sound Systems

Sinar Sport Hotel – Bengkulu – Lighting Stage & Sound Systems Installation entrusted PT Monalisa Tunggal Jaya (PT MTJ) for their Stage Lighting Effects and Sound Systems solution in the Multifunctional Hall located at Bengkulu Sinar Sports Hotel.

Epigastro & Epitome – MACH Speaker Sound Systems

Epigastro – MACH Speaker Sound Systems, an urban living Restaurant Concept stressing with the Organic F&B Restaurant Outlet, entrusted with MACH Sound Systems for the sound professional all-round with the corporation integration by Global Pro Audio.

Gedung Kesenian Kalimantan – AZTEC Lighting & MACH Sound

Gedung Kesenian Kalimantan – AZTEC Lighting & MACH Sound Systems entrusted the Events with products by PT. MTJ. AZTEC Lighting & MACH Line Array Systems are installed on site.

Beacon Academy – MACH Sound Systems

Beacon Academy – MACH Sound Systems is selected among many other brands for the newly built and developed International School located in North Jakarta.

NYC Ride – Cycling Cross-Fit State of the Art Sound Systems

NYC Ride is the New and Futuristically Designed Cycling Cross-Fit that takes the Class into the New Age Modern Class where the Lighting and Sound is intergrated to Pump Up the Moods and Ambience of the Class in motion.