Perpustakaan Nasional chose the best quality Sound Systems from Denmark of Cornered Audio Line Source Installation. With the newly known products of Cornered Audio from Denmark, Words are spread in vast demand of the Sound Clarity with the perfect quality of installation. The Interior Designer enforce a strict requirement of interior friendly speaker systems.

Cornered Audio is the best selection amongs all Professional Audio Solution because of their simplicity without disturbing any interior concerns and also Cornered Audio has the best clarity of sound which amazes everyone to fill the Auditorium.

The systems installed are as follows:
– 12 Units x Cornered Audio LS-1 Line Array Source Speakers
– 8 Units x MACH MS-118 Passive Subwoofer
– 2 Units x AZTEC FU-A 10000 Power Amplifier
– 2 Units x AZTEC FU-A 14000 Power Amplifier
– 1 Unit x YAMAHA M-7CL Digital Mixer Systems
with the Delay Surround Systems of:
– 6 Units x Cornered Audio C-6 TRM Speaker
– 1 Units x AZTEC FU-A 10000 Power Amplifier

Everyone is very impressed and satisfaction is a full appraisal of the top notch speaker quality and performance. Surely Cornered Audio is proven to be one of the best loudspeaker in the world.