Epigastro – MACH Speaker Sound Systems, an urban living Restaurant Concept stressing with the Organic F&B Restaurant Outlet, entrusted with MACH Sound Systems for the sound professional all-round with the corporation integration by Global Pro Audio.

The owner of Epigastro wanted to make sure a good quality products with high quality sound is delivered in the ambiance to give a comfortable listening and also powerful sound as needed.

Systems installed are as follows:
– 4 Units x MACH Speaker CM-10
– 2 Units x MACH Subwoofer M-151i
– with Power Amplifier Systems to support

Also installed together at the same building for Epitome Gym & Fitness:
– 6 Units x MACH Speaker M-12T
– 2 Units x MACH Subwoofer MS-118
– with Power Amplifier Systems to support
The owner and sound integrator (Global Pro Audio) are very pleased with the outcome result. It has delivered all-round purpose with a quality systems installed.