Tecnare MegadiscoArray

• The IBZA MEGADISCO is a high performance trapezoidal full range loudspeaker, wide-bandwidth system, specially developed for large nightclub applications.

• It can be used both as stand alone unit or clustered into array configurations, both horizontal and vertical, as mid-high section is rotatable.

• Extended frequency response is provided by a horn loaded 15 inch (380mm) LF driver, charged with a proprietary phase device attached to the speaker, a 2 inch exit compression driver mounted on a 90° x 40° constant directivity HF horn, and 4 angled tweeters sprayed to match the required pattern coverage.


– Frequency Response: 42 Hz – 22 kHz ±4dB, measured on axys.
– Nominal Dispersion: 90°H x 40°V@-6db points.
– Rotatable mid high section allows swap of horizontal and vertical pattern.
– Impedance: 8 Ohm.
– Sensitivity: 105 dB (1w/1m).
– Calculated Max Spl: 135 dB continuous/141 dB peak.
– Power Handling: #775 W nominal. *1550 W continuos.
– Dimensions (HxWxD): 890x520x550 mm.
– Box can be rigged both horizontal or vertical, as mid-high section can be rotated.
– Net Weight: 49 kg passive. 56 kg selfpowered Pcc version.
– Components: 1×15” LF driver phase corrected, 1×2’’ HF, 4x TWEETER on a rotatable mid-high section.
– Construction: 16mm birch plywood.
– Finished in black semi-matt textured Durawound weatherized coating.
– One recessed carrying handle.
– Grille: Powder coated perforated steel with acoustically transparent reticulated foam.
– Flying Hardware: M8 rigging points and array hardware.


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