AZTEC Audio Processor DP26 MKII

Audio Processor DP26 MKII 2 In 6 Out Speaker Management Processor

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Specification :
– Input Impedance : Balance: 20KΩ
– Output Impedance : Balance: 100Ω
– PC Com Port : One USB Com Port on front panel, 2 Rs485 Com Port on back panel(RJ-45)
– CMRR : >70dB@1KHz
– Input Range : ≤+25dBu
– Frequency Response : 20Hz~20KHz ±0.5dB
– S/N R : >110dB
– THD : <0.01% @OUTPUT=0dBu/1KHz
– Crosstalk of Channels : >80dB@1KHz
– Delay Time Step : Each input channel has independent delay control, Range:0~1000mS;21μS step@0~10mS; 84 μS step@ 10mS~20ms; 0.5mS step@ 20mS~1000mS
– Input/Output Polarity : In-phase(+) or reversed phase(-)
– Input EQ : 6-band parameter EQ; Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz; Gain:-20 dB~+20 dB; Bandwidth: 0.05oct~3oct
– Output Gain : Range:-12dB~+12dB, step: 0.1dB
– Mute : Mute with each Input& Output channel
– Input Selection : Each input channel can be selected to each output channel
– Output Gain : Range:-80dB – +12dB, step:0.1dB
– Crossover : Each output channel can be independently set as LPF and HPF. The parameters can be adjusted. Filter type :Linkwitz-Riley; Bessel; Butterworth. The Crossover Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz, Slope: 12dB/oct; 18dB/oct; 24dB/oct;48dB/oct.
– Limiter : Limiter with each output channel. The parameters are adjustable: Threshold value: -20dBu~+20dBu; step:0.5dBu. Attack time 0.3mS~100mS. 0.1mS step@0.3~1mS; 1mS step @1mS~100mS.Release Time: Release Time can be set as twice, 4times, 6times, 8times, 16times,32times.
– Output EQ : Each output channel has 6-band EQ: 3 modes: Lo-Shelf/Hi-Shelf/Parameter.
A: Lo-Shelf:Slop: 6dB/12dB; Frequency: 20Hz~20kHz; Gain: -20dB~20dB;
B: Hi-Shelf:Slop: 6dB/12dB; Frequency: 20Hz~20kHz; Gain:-20dB~20dB;
C: Parameters: frequency: 20Hz~20KHz, bandwidth: 0.05oct~3oct; Step: 0.05oct; Gain: -20dB~+20dB, Step 0.1dB
– Processor : 96KHz Sampling frequency, 32-bit Floating-Point DSP 24-bit A/D and D/A converter
– Display : With 2*24 LCD, 8-LED input/output level. Mute and Editing mode can be displayed.
– Power : ≤25W
– Power Supply : AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
– Dimension(L×W×H) : 482×190×44mm
– Weight : 3.6kg


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