The A.L.I.S. 15 (Arrayable Loudspeaker Integrated point Source) is a high-Q arrayable speaker, suited for a wide range of applications.
The exceptional scalability and the ability to form small arrays of two, three or four cabinets with strict control of dispersion makes ALIS15 capable of adjusting to any audience geometry, being the ideal choice for distributed systems in sports venues.
Arrays can be flown horizontally or vertically,or stacked when needed.
ALIS15 show no angle settings to calculate or spread adjustments to implement for each show, as these is already fixed.


Engineering Specifications
– Frequency Response : 48 Hz – 20 kHz ±4dB, measured on axys.
– Nominal Dispersion : 15º x 100° @-6db points.
– Impedance : 8 Ohm LOW, 16 OHMS HIGH. Passive version including passive filter under request.
– SPL Maximum : 138 dB.
– Power Handling : #1110 W nominal. *2200 W continuos.
– Dimensions (HxWxD) : 800 x 450 x 740 mm.
– Net Weight : 42 Kg passive, 45 kg active “A”version,48 kg active PCC version.
– Components : 1×15” neodymium LF driver 4” voice coil, 1×1.4 ’’ exit, 3” voice coil, compression driver attached to a waveguide “A” active version features a two way module (800 w/8 ohms or 1200 w/ 4 ohms) + 100 w/ 8 ohms.
– Construction : 16mm birch plywood. Finished in black semi-matt textured coating.
– Grille : Powder coated perforated steel with acoustically transparent reticulated foam.
– Flying Hardware : Included.

# 2 hours test made with continuous pink noise signal (6 dB crest factor).
* Power calculated on rated minimum impedance.
* Power on Continuous Program is defined as 3 dB greater than the nominal rating.


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