Bi-amplified active moulded 2–way speakers | 4-Channel Mixer | Stereo Link
The Andante V2 line of active, light-weight moulded speakers strikes the best balance between portability, sound and versatility, and even exceeds its predecessor by adding higher driver efficiency and improved amplifier cooling for extreme ruggedness.


– Hybrid bi-amplified concept (class-D LF amp & class-AB HF amp)
– Vented acoustic design with high-efficiency woofer
– Compression driver with fatigue-free polyester diaphragm
– 4-Channel internal mixer with extra microphone and dual line inputs
– Tone adjustment and HPF for microphone input
– RCA & 3.5mm Mini TRS input for first stereo input
– Dual TRS for 2nd stereo input, with Hi-Z switch
– XLR main input | TRS parallel output | XLR link output
– Unique stereo link mode (keeps one/sends the other channel)
– Master volume control and 2-Band master EQ
– Thermal protection and limiter with control LED
– Light-weight impact-resistant Polypropylene (PP) plastic enclosure
– Asymmetric shape for use as main or monitor speaker
– Pole mount for 35mm tripods, stacking points on top and bottom
– Steel woofer protection grille and 2 carrying handles
– CE/ROHS compliant

– 15’’/400W low frequency transducer with 2.5’’ voice coil
– 1’’/25W high frequency compression driver with polyester diaphragm
– 345W (EIA) / 250W (RMS) class D amplifier for low frequency transducer
– 40W RMS class AB amplifier for high frequency driver
– Frequency response 50Hz-20kHz
– SPL 126dB
– Dispersion 120°x60°
– Dimensions 467*708*407.5mm WxHxD
– Weight 19.75 kg


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