ENTTEC USB Assembled Widget

• The ultimate in low-cost DMX USB control.
• The USB Assemble widget ships with no metal case, no cables, no documentation and no fancy packaging.
• Configure it as you please for reliable control of 512 channels across a range of compatible programs


• Low Cost Assembled Interface
– Controlling your DMX lights from your computer requires an interface.
– The USB Assembled Widget is the cheapest interface available.
– This simple low cost widget ships by itself in a box – without a metal case, no usb cable, no documentation and no fancy packaging – ideal for those on a low budget.
– Designed for the hobbyist or users who does not require the added features and protection of DMX USB Pro or PRO Mk2.
– Compatible with a reduced set of programs compared to USB PRO, but it will still allow control of 512 channels.
– USB 2.0 input and single DMX512 output (non-isolated)
– RDM is not supported on this device
• Open to the community
– This DMX USB interface is based on the FTDI 232BM chip, it’s a USB to serial converter. Using a simple application on a PC you can send and receive DMX512.
– This project has been released with a GPL license, you are free to do what ever you want with the design, with the following restrictions:
– Any modification to the hardware or software must be given back to the community.
– You cannot remove or modify any copyright notice.
Compatible Apps
• Recommended 3rd Party Apps
– DMXControl . Windows
– Freestyler . Windows
– QLC + . Win / Mac / Linux
• Compatible 3rd Party Apps
– Capture Atlas using DMX 2 ESP . Windows
– DMX 4 Linux . Linux
– DMX USB 2 ESP . Windows
– DMXDesk 9 – VB Sample . Windows
– DigiSelect . Windows
– FootLight . Mac OSX
– Jinx! LED Matrix Control . Windows
– LightFactory . Windows
– Lightforge . Windows
– Lightkey . Mac OSX
– Lightning DmxControl . Mac OSX
– Lights UP . Windows
– Martin M-PC . Windows
– VirtualLightDesk . Mac OSX
– Vixenlights . Windows


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