ENTTEC PSAT pixel power supply

• A satellite for your Pixelator
• The PSAT pixel power supply is a popular evolution of the installation-proven ENTTEC PLink system.
• With a simple connection from either a Pixelator, Pixelator Mini or DIN Pixelator Mini, the PSAT can output two Universes of pixel data alongside up to 65W of power to control digital LED pixel strips or LED pixel dots.
• In addition, with its own built-in cooling fan, the integrated power supply (with available variants of 5, 12 and 24 volts) allows for units to be efficiently chained together using locking mains powerCON connectors.
• Also, the PSAT’s robust housing has been designed to be installed in a variety of orientations.
• And to allow seamless integration into any high-quality set-up, the unit becomes rack, truss, DIN and surface-mountable when paired with the optional Universal bracket set.
• So, all of these features add up to ensure quicker, cleaner and less labour-intensive pre-rigs for touring applications or installations whilst maintaining the benefits of keeping all data conversion in one location.
• Make your next project a walk in the park with ENTTEC PSAT pixel power supply units!


• Supercharge your Pixelator, Pixelator Mini and DIN Pixelator Mini PX1-8D
– Now you can rely on ENTTEC expertise and use PSAT to power up and inject data to LED pixel strip and dots
• Touring pixel power/injector
– Simply connect your lights using the included connector, hook up your Pixelator/Mini, power it up … and you’re off!
• Industry-standard touring connectors
– It couldn’t be easier to extend your array by linking multiple PSAT units to each other: all you need is a powerCon cable.
– This beast was born for life on the road.
• Includes pixel breakout cable
– Save time when testing, and use the included 4-pin breakout connector to easily connect ENTTEC pixel tape and dots to PSAT.
– Or make up your cable directly to your tape using the pin configuration detailed on the front of the product.


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