– 4 sonically pure class D channels
– Unique, precise digital signal processing
– Over designed universal power supply
– Analoge, AES3 and optional DANTE® audio input / SPEAKON® NL4 output connectors
– Manufactured in UK

– Medium and large size PA systems
– Disco, club and DJ sound
– TECNARE systems
– Public Spaces
– Mobile and fixed installation


• The T48 Series delivers high power and sonic quality thanks to a careful design of all its components.
• The state-of-the-art switch-mode power technology allows high output power with superior efficiency.
• The T48 has a very high level of reliability thanks to its numerous protections against clipping, high voltages or current, and driver overexcursion and overheating.
• Its functional parameters, mains voltage, current draw, impedance load or protection trigger, are monitored and saved.
• The temperature is carefully controlled by variable-speed forced-air cooling.
• The T48 is lighter than most amplifiers and fits in only two rack units to ease transport and handling.
• The device can be configured via its front panel LCD screen, and via PC connexion thanks to its RJ45 port and a modern TCP-based protocol.

Engineering Specifications
General Specifications
– Number of Channels : 8
– Power Output, all channels driven (RMS) : T10-48: 8 x 1250 Watt @ 2/4/8 ohm; 4 x 2500 Watt @ 4 or 8 ohm Bridge
Audio Performance
– Gain (with all the DSP level controls set to 0dB) : 32 dB
– Frequency response, 4 Ohm load : <7Hz to >30kHz, 4 Ohms, ‐2.5dB points
– Inter‐channel crosstalk, worst case combination : better than ‐85dBr at 1kHz and ‐75dBr at 10kHz
– Total harmonic distortion, THD : <0.05% typical, 1kHz signal, AES17 filter, 4 Ohm load
Power Supply
– Topology (main power supply) : high performance Series Resonant
– Topology (auxiliary and standby supplies) : Low quiescent Eco‐Flyback
– Nominal mains input voltage range : 85V to 240V, Power supply automatically detects voltage and configures accordingly
– Audio Input : Analog: 4x female and 4x male NeutrikTM XLR-3 / AES3 1 x Male and 1 x female Neutrik TM XLR-3
– Amplifiers output : 4x Neutrik SpeakonTM NL4 connectors
– Network data port RS485 : 1 x Shielded RJ45
– Dante Primary and Secondary : 2x Shielded RJ45
– Enclosure : Standard 19” 2U (88mm), 357mm (14”) deep with handles and optional rear support
– Net Weight : 12.5kg (27.5 pounds)

– Optional DANTE® CARD
– Rear Support kit


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