LightShark LS-WING

– Buttons : 20 executor, 10 selection, 20 Playback, 10 Flash, fully configurable
– Faders : 10 faders fully configurable
– I/O ports :
• 1xLamp port (XLR-3 5V)
• 2xDMX (XLR-5)
• 3xLAN (EtherCon®)
• 2xUSB-A (Data) + 1xUSB-A(only power 5V)
• 1xUSB-B
• 1xTrueOne® mains
– Configuration interface : Via Built-in Webserver. Accesible through LAN connection
– DMX Outputs : Built-in LAN to DMX ArtNET, sACN node with 2 universe outputs
– Lamp connector DC Voltage : 5V
– USB POWER connector max. current : 2A
– USB Data connectors max Current : 500mA each
– Dimmensions : 325 x 100 x 330 mm
– Weight: 2,7 kg
– Power supply : 90-230V 50/60Hz TrueOne® connector


• LS .wing is an innovative hardware which offers several products in one: a Wing for LS .1 / LS .Core, an OSC/UDP hardware controller, a MIDI controller and a user programmable remote controller.
• LS .wing can send/receive OSC commands through ethernet from any software or hardware compatible with this protocol.
• In addition, it can send/receive UDP messages, making it compatible with any AV device or software on the market.

• LS .wing offers outstanding versatility to the lighting control market, as it can be configured to be compatible with other lighting systems.
• Developed as a 4 in 1 product, LS .wing can be a straightforward fader wing, an OSC hardware controller or a standalone MIDI console for any device that accepts MIDI control via USB.
• A total of four USB ports are provided, including a USB-B port, making it easy to connect to MIDI devices and charge smartphones and tablets.

• In all four modes, LS .wing has a built-in ArtNet/sACN to DMX converter node offering two Direct DMX universes.
• WORK PROs existing LightShark products – the LS .1 and LS .Core already offer two Direct DMX universes via an XLR connector, so by adding LS .wing it is very easy to double the number of Direct DMX universes available to each console.
• Its 4 in 1 design makes it easily the most versatile and functional controller on the market.
• In addition, lighting professionals working in theatres and on live shows can have complete control of more than one device at a time just by using different pages in the same unit.

LS .wing is an ultraversatile multiprotocol control surface. With this multifunctional device can be controlled almost everything and also can be triggered or remote controlled from external devices. LS .wing can be set up as :
1- Lightshark Fader Wing.
When connected to a Lightshark lighting controller, LS .wing is set up as a fader wing offering: 10 playback faders, 20 executor buttons, 10 flash buttons. 3 more universes, Gigabit ethernet switch
2- OSC & UDP Programmable controller.
LS .wing is the first controller in the market that offers a midi console, a fader wing and a programmable OSC & UDP control surface, where each fader or button can be set up to send one command or multiple commands to one or multiple OSC and/or UDP clients making possible to control almost every ethernet controllable device such as, Lighting controllers, Media servers, multiprotocol controllers.
3- MIDI Console.
Meanwhile many MIDI controllers are made to control blocks of 8 faders, LS .wing offers 10 faders and the rest of buttons configuration to control MIDI devices, being very suitable when connected to MIDI controllable lighting consoles. No matter which brand.
4- Remote controller.
In addition LS .wing also offers the possibility to be triggered by remote devices making able to send one or multiple commands at the same time triggered remotely by an external device.


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