LightShark LS-NODE2

– 2 RDM/DMX inputs and outputs.
– Ethernet-RDM/DMX bidirectional transceiver.
– Every port independently configurated.
– Merger HTP/LTP mode.
– Backup mode.
– Supports sACN, ArtNet/RDM/DMX.
– Integrated Ethernet switch.
– DMX frame rate configurable.
– PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered.
– 1/4 rack 19” enclosure.


RDM/DMX streaming device.
2 inputs, 2 outputs.
Compatible with LightShark

• The LS-Node series is the new RDM/DMX streaming range from WORK PRO that supports industry standards ArtNet & sACN.
• They feature from 1 up to 4 DMX universes, with 3 different models: LS-Node1, LS-Node2 & LS-Node4, each of which adds its respective number of freely configurable DMX universes.
• These small LS-Node products are available in the same quarter-rack physical format as the original LS-Core, are powered via a compact USB-C connector or by PoE, which is helpful when used in installations where they may be rack-mounted with an optional LS-AR 19 rack chassis.
• All LS-Node products come with an integrated Ethernet switch with 2 ports and are multiprotocol, supporting the industry standards ArtNet and sACN.
• LS-Node is fully compatible with LightShark consoles and can also be configured via a webserver, through which users can set up parameters like DMX frame rate (from 15 to 40 frames/s), firmware upgrades, independent RDM/DMX ports routing (any universe can be routed to any of the RDM/DMX ports independently) and modes of use.
• With ArtNet/RDM compatibility, LS-Node allows configuration, status monitoring and management of remote devices from lighting consoles.

All the models feature several modes of use:
– Single Mode: DMX to ArtNet/sACN transceiver (LS-Node1 & LS-Node2 models) configurable via web.
– Merger mode: where the LS-Nodes can receive different universes (via ArtNet/sACN or DMX) and merge them in the same output, being able to select HTP/LTP merge modes.
– Backup mode: When LS-Node works in Backup mode with two consoles connected, the device can detect a loss of connection from the primary console and automatically switch to the backup console with a max latency of 3 seconds.


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