The ZPR3520 is a 3-Zone mixer / preamplifier with two stereo and one mono zone output.
On the choice of the installer, the zones can be level-controlled by either the internal front-panel control or an external potentiometer control (ZCP10A, optional).


– 5 stereo inputs, 4 equipped with rear-panel gain and freely routable to output zones A | B | C. 5th input only routable to Zone C.
– Rear-panel balanced stereo input (FOH input) and frontside 3.5mm stereo TRS jack, routable to zones A | B | C in lieu of stereo input 1 and 4 respectively
– 2x Mic inputs with rear-side 1/4” TRS connectors and gain control
– 12V phantom power for microphones by internal jumper
– Voice-specific 2-Band EQ plus “on air” switches for mic inputs
– Auto talk-over for automatic music level reduction when microphone is used, damping level adjustable per zone.
– Microphone include/exclude switch per zone
– Microphone level setting per zone
– Two stereo output zones and one mono output zone
– 5 LED level meter for every zone
– Rear-side adjustable 2-Band EQ for each zone
– Volume control for every switchable between front-panel volume control and rear-panel connected external remote control potentiometer (optional, recommended control panel ZCP10A)
– Balanced XLR and Phoenix output connectors for each zone
– Emergency input which shuts down master output when emergency signal comes in and plays emergency signal instead
– Output mute contact to externally mute the output
– Full metal case with brushed aluminum front panel and detachable rack ears
– CE/ROHS compliant

– Signal/Noise : >82dB (Line)
– Crosstalk Damping : 65dB (Line)
– THD : 0.05% (Line)
– Frequency response : 20Hz – 20 kHz
– AC IN (EU version) : AC220-250V~ 50Hz
– Power consumption : max. 18W
– Dimensions : W483xH44.5xD183.5mm
– Weight : 2.2 kg


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