Low Z Speaker Installation Patch Box

• Many installed sound systems work with 4, 8 or a maximum of 16 speakers, and serve relatively limited areas of up to 300sqm, with the main target of music replay.
• Typical installations of this nature encompass retail shops, restaurants and bars.
• While contractors tend to choose 100V line systems for such applications, such choice increases the cost and decreases the efficiency and specifically the sound quality of a sound system, since expensive transformers with limited audio bandwith and high saturation losses are inserted in the signal path.


– Low Impedance Speaker Patch Box
– 2x Binding post inputs for 2.5 sqmm cables from a 4-Ohm capable amplifier output
– 8x 5.08mm speaker outputs on Phoenix-style terminals
– Designed for 8-Ohm speakers
– Output configuration settable by 3 slide switches
– Configuration A: 2×2 speakers, load impedance 2×4 ohms
– Configuration B: 2×4 speakers, load impedance 2×8 ohms
– Configuration C: 1×8 speakers, load impedance 1×4 ohms
– Terminal plugs for outputs supplied with unit
– No power supply required
– Simple wall or ceiling mounting
– Full metal case
– CE/ROHS compliant

– Max. Power Handling : 2x100W or 1x200W
– Speaker Impedance : 8 Ohms
– Dimensions : L175xH25xD95mm
– Weight : 0.6 kg


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