Technical Data
– Signal/Noise : >95dBu (unweighted 22Hz-22KHz)
– Crosstalk Damping : >65dB
– THD : <0,01%
– Frequency response : 20Hz – 20 kHz
– AC supply : 115/230V~ 50Hz-60Hz (20W)
– Dimension : 483.0×44.5×162.0 mm WxHxD
– Weight : 2.36 kg


8-in-2 Mixer | 2-in-6 Splitter
• The RPM-6600 is a versatile combination of a 6-in-2 mixer and a 2-in-6 splitter, while it also provides a handy way of adjusting levels or impedances by acting as a buffered level translator from -10 dBV to +4 dBu or vice versa.
• It offers 6 identical input/output sections with level control, panpot/balance control and 8-LED level meter each.
• Every section can be configured with a switch to either work as an input for a mix available at the master output, or as a splitter output from a master signal fed to the master input.
• In a mixer application, the main input section can be used as two additional inputs which makes the unit effectively sporting up to 8 inputs in mixer configuration.
• The versatility of this unit spans applications from sub-mixing of keyboards in a stage sound system to zone signal splitting in commercial sound systems.
• The broad range of applications also makes the RPM-6600 a useful problem solver in the vaults of any rental company.

– 6 mono input/output sections with level control, pan/balance control, 8-LED level meter and split/mix function switch
– Balanced XLR input/output connectors for sections 1/2/3/4
– Balanced TRS input/output connectors for sections 5/6
– Each section can operate independently in mixer or splitter mode
– Inputs work in mix configuration also as buffered level converters between -10 dBV and +4 dBu
– 1 balanced XLR stereo input with level control and 4-LED level meter
– 1 balanced XLR stereo output with level control and 4-LED level meter
– All switches with LED status indicator
– Internal wide-voltage swing linear power supply for excellent audio dynamics
– Full metal case with detachable rack ears
– AC mains voltage selector switch 115/230V
– CE/ROHS compliant


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