– Signal/Noise : >95dBu (unweighted 22Hz-22KHz)
– Crosstalk Damping : >85dB (Line)
– THD : <0.01% (Line)
– Frequency response : 20Hz – 20 kHz
– AC IN : 115V/230~ 50/60Hz
– Power consumption : max. 20W
– Dimensions : W483xH44.5xD162.0mm
– Weight : 2.40 kg


2-Channel Expander | Gate | Compressor | Peak Limiter | De-Esser | Dynamic Enhancer
• The RPD-2200 is dual dynamics processor which can operate as two independent single units or as linked units for stereo signal treatment.
• It covers all dynamic processing requirements in studio recording and live sound from compression over noise reduction to peak limiting and even offers specialty processing such as de-essing, contour filtering of low frequencies, dynamic enhancement to counteract high frequency loss, and a “warmth” function to add extra harmonic sonic content to the signal.
• To keep the use of the vast possibilities intuitive, some of the settings can be automated at the user’s choice, like the “auto-knee” function which offers program-adaptive compression to combine the advantages of hard and soft-knee compression, and the “auto-time” function which sets suitable attack- and release times automatically.
• For further clarity, all signal levels and gain reductions are visually displayed by precise LED meters.
• Being fully analog, the RPD-2200 works on an impressive 20dB headroom which sets it far apart from anything a digital dynamics processor could do.
• A side chain with switchable monitoring function completes the feature set of this truly versatile all-in-one dynamics “mastermind”.

– Dual dynamics processor with link switch for stereo operation
– Manual compressor setting for threshold (-40 | +20 dB), ratio (∞:1 | 1:1), attack (0.3 | 300 ms) and release (0.05 | 5 s)
– Switchable “Auto-Knee” program-adaptive compression circuitry
– Switchable “Auto-Time” setting of attack and release times
– De-Esser section with switchable voice gender (female: 6 kHz, male: 7.5 kHz) and variable level reduction (max. 15dB)
– Expander/gate section with interactive ratio, variable threshold (off to +10dB) and switchable release time (slow: 100 msec/1 dB, fast: 100 msec/100 dB)
– Automatic peak limiting section
– Switchable dynamic enhancer to compensate for high frequency loss by boosting content above 2.5kHz
– Switchable Warmth function for added harmonic content
– Switchable LowContour filter
– Side chain input with switchable monitor function
– Separate 12-segment LED meters for in/out levels and gain reduction
– Dedicated Threshold and De-Esser level displays
– Balanced inputs and outputs with ¼” TRS and XLR connectors
– Relay-based bypass function with failsafe mode
– All switches with LED status indicator
– Internal wide-voltage swing linear power supply for excellent audio dynamics
– Full metal case with detachable rack ears
– AC mains voltage selector switch 115/230V
– CE/ROHS compliant


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