ENTTEC Storm 24

• The world’s most powerful Ethernet-to-DMX converter.
• Giving you optimal performance at an affordable price point, Storm 24 handles multiple protocols with speed and precision.
• The rear of the unit features 24 DMX outputs in an RJ45 form factor.
• This means it is installer-friendly, cost-effective, and most importantly, perfect for any LED pixel-mapped project or large traditional lighting rig.
• With a Gigabit Ethernet connection and rugged 1u enclosure, Storm 24 handles Art-Net, sACN and ESP with ease.
• In addition, using ultra-fast memory and logic, its Sync Mode matches all 24 DMX outputs to within 100 microseconds of each other.
• This means no more image ghosting or tearing of your content.
• Meanwhile, the Storm 24’s web interface features intuitive drag and drop functionality.
• Easily route and mix Ethernet input protocols to physical DMX and send to different areas of your installation.
• Furthermore, the inbuilt DMX generator allows channels to be set to different levels for testing without the need for an eDMX source.
• Put simply, no other Ethernet-to-DMX converter on the market offers this level of performance.


• Outstanding value
– With a ground-breaking value per port system cost, DMX conversion is no longer a high-cost item in your pixel mapping budget.
– RJ45s further reduce cabling costs across your wider installation in comparison to more expensive XLR connectors.
• Amazing performance
– Using state-of-the-art programmable logic, ultra-fast DDR memory and Gigabit Ethernet, all 24 DMX outputs are synchronised to within 40 micro seconds of each other when using Sync Mode.
– This means no more image ghosting or jumpy updates of your content.
– No other device offers this level of performance.
• Easy cabling
– Easier and lower cabling costs using standard RJ45 outputs.
– Although XLR connectors are widely used in the entertainment world, when your project isn’t travelling the world on a regular basis, RJ45 connectors offer the best price/performance ratio.
– Using standard CAT6 cable to connect your whole system also helps keep the cost per port down.
– We use the standard ANSI E1.27-2 specified RJ45 pinout to make sure most equipment connections will be simple.
• Multi-Protocol Support
– Art-Net 1
– Art-Net 2
– Art-Net 3
– sACN
• Input/Output
– 24 DMX 512 output ports on RJ45
– 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
– Jumbo Frame support
– 1 RS232 input for profile selection via serial command
Compatible Apps
– Recommended App: ELM
– ELM : ENTTEC LED MAPPER provides total control over your LED system, regardless of shape and size.
– Design your layout with vector-based objects for maximum precision and flexibility.
– Load the media of your choice and begin playback as needed.
– Supports Spout and NDI. Supports RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA and White fixtures
Compatible 3rd Party Apps
– Art-Net Controller Android
– ArtNetDmxRemote iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– Aurora DMX Android
– Chameleon Mac OSX
– Freestyler Windows
– Jinx! LED Matrix Control Windows
– LXConsole Mac OSX
– LightFactory Windows
– LightForge Windows
– LightJams Windows
– Lightkey Mac OSX
– Luminair iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– MadMapper Mac OSX / Windows
– QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
– Run The Show iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– TouchDesigner Windows
– Vibrio iOS (iPhone/iPad)


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