ENTTEC Shortcut Wing

• Connect to Network
– RJ45 Ethercon connector for a 10Base-T Ethernet connection allows you to connect to your existing network.
– Supports both DHCP and static IP addressing for versatile support with routers and switches.
• Buttons for Action
– Shortcut Wing comes with 60 High quality Cherry MX Keys.
– The cater for the best possible user feedback that you can get.
– Press the button and relive the action
• Multiple pages
– Pg Up and Pg Down Keys allow to have multiple pages of buttons.
– Map these in the software that supports them, and use the buttons for a different action at every page.
– The LCD segment shows the current page number at all times.
– Simple and effective.
• Modern Web Interface
– Configure your Wings using a modern web interface, that can be used with any current web browser.
– No software to load, no need to learn another way to change settings.
– The web interface is minimal, yet adequate at the same time.

Please note: revB hardware allows firmware update over web browser.
Wings manufactured on or after year 2015 are revB , and mentioned on the serial-no label.


• Ideal shortcut for lighting control.
• Perfect add-on for your lighting control software, the ENTTEC Shortcut Wing is the ideal way to serve as a shortcut to your software control.
• Featuring quick Ethernet connection, customizable layout and a high-quality build, this entry-level wing is the essential add-on you’ve been looking for.

Compatible Apps
– D-PRO – Windows and Mac (recommended App)
– LightFactory – Windows
– FreeStyler 3 – Windows
– thru MidiWing (GrandMa on PC, Hog4PC) – Windows


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