ENTTEC PushDIM 8A LED Dimmer (12-36V)

Simple, no fuss push DIM dimmer driver.

• Push Dim
– Featuring a 0-10V DC single channel PWM dimmer.
– with a constant Voltage output.
• Smooth fading
– This DALI dimmer, supports a smooth full range logarithmic fade curve tuned to human vision.
– Best in class.
– supports 8-Bit dimming, which allow up-to 256 graduations.
• External connections
– This dimmer will require an external DC power supply for normal operation. (not included).
– Features screw terminal connections, for ease of use.
• Max power and current
– Since the driver supports 8A between 12V to 36V DC, it can achieve a maximum of 96W to 268W power.
– Actual power will vary based on the external power supply used.


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