ENTTEC Pixelator Mini

• Mini version of ENTTEC’s world-leading Pixelator
• An 8-port Ethernet pixel controller, the Pixelator Mini is a compact version of the Pixelator.
• But don’t let its size fool you! The Pixelator Mini may be small, but it’s powerful enough to control up to 16,384 channels of pixels with perfect synchronisation across all eight of its outputs.
• Because the Pixelator system has been designed for great flexibility, all data conversion is processed locally.
• This means that each of its eight outputs provides pixel data to digital LED dots and strips up to 300m away.
• This powerful Ethernet pixel controller can be combined with a wide range of output devices when connected to ENTTEC’s compact power injection modules.
• Choose from the indoor Plink Injector, CVC3 and PSAT, or the outdoor IP Plink Injector and IP66 CVC3.
• The Pixelator Mini’s robust 1U half-width hardware is enhanced by a mains input, intuitive web interface and front LED indicators which show the status and connectivity of each unit – all designed to make installations both simple and fast.
• To increase the unit’s size to fit a full-width rack, the Pixelator Mini can be paired with ENTTEC’s 1RU 19inch ear kit .
• With input support for sACN and Art-Net 1, 2 and 3, plus outputs for a wide range of pixel protocols, controlling LED pixels, dots and digital strips has never been easier.
• Alternatively, the Pixelator Mini is available in a different form factor for DIN-rail installations, offering yet another flexible 8-port Ethernet pixel controller solution.


• Remarkable Engineering
– From the same team that brought you Pixelator, comes the ground-breaking Mini version.
– Compact, small, and still powerful enough to control up to 2720 pixels.
• Expert Pixel Sync
– Spectacular synchronisation across all outputs, combined with our expertise in simplistic Pixel control.
– The Pixelator Mini, is the best Ethernet to Pixel converter in its class.
• Supports a wide range of Pixel strips and dots
– Simply connect any ENTTEC Pixel Strips or Pixel Dots to the Pixel Link ports via the PLink Injector, CVC3, or a PSAT.
– The following protocols are fully compatible with Pixelator Mini: WS2811,WS2812,WS2812b,WS2813,9PDOT,SK6812,TM1804,TM1812,APA-104
• Smarter Pixel Conversion
– The Pixelator Mini, manages pixel conversion in a smart and efficient manner, to maintain a perfect output.
– Thanks to its miniature size, it’s the smallest, yet smartest converter out there in a rack mount form factor.
• Web-based Configuration
– Use any modern web browser to manage the Pixelator Mini through its simple Settings page.
– This allows for the configuration of each output as required. Each output supports mapping of up to 2 Ethernet Universes.
• Multi-Protocol Support
– ArtNet 1/2/3
– sACN
– Kling-Net
• Input/Output
– 8 x PLink output ports on RJ45 (Pixel Link Data)
– 1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
• Compatible Apps
– Recommended App: ELM
– Award winning, ELM: ENTTEC LED MAPPER provides total control over your LED system, regardless of shape and size.
– Design your layout with vector-based objects for maximum precision and flexibility.
– Load the media of your choice and begin playback as needed
– Supports Spout and NDI
– Supports RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA and White fixtures
• 3rd Party Apps
– Art-Net Controller Android
– ArtNetDmxRemote iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– ArKaos MediaMaster (Windows)
– Aurora DMX Android
– Chameleon Mac OSX
– Freestyler Windows
– Jinx! LED Matrix Control Windows
– LXConsole Mac OSX
– LightFactory Windows
– LightForge Windows
– LightJams Windows
– Lightkey Mac OSX
– Luminair iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– MadMapper Mac OSX / Windows
– QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
– Run The Show iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– TouchDesigner Windows
– Vibrio iOS (iPhone/iPad)


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