ENTTEC Pixel Triton

• The High Power LED pixel driver
• Outputs up to 300W of power!
• The Pixel Triton is our new high power LED pixel driver, which outputs up to 300W.
• Perfect for those large-scale touring projects, the Pixel Triton also supports up to 8 Universes of DMX data.

Be in control!
• With 2,048 DMX channels per output, you get a total of 4,096 DMX channel at your disposal from the Pixel Triton, allowing you to drive up to 1,360 individual RGB pixels.
• Still not enough? Then daisy chain your Tritons with RJ45 Ethernet connectors to extend your set-up.
• The Pixel Triton comes in two voltage options – 12V (outputting 260W) or 24V (the full 300W).
• Due to the smart design, your refresh rate won’t suffer if you’re using the Triton at its limits.
• With compact dimensions of 335mm (L) 129mm (W) 43mm (H) and a weight of 2.4kg, this device will fit snugly into an ENTTEC 8-way rack unit (SKU:73530) for mounting into any standard touring case.
• This high power LED pixel driver is ready to go whenever you are!


• Power Monitoring
– By using the simple web interface, you’ll be able to monitor your power consumption in real time.
– You’ll get a warning when you’re at 80% power consumption, meaning you are always in control!
• Connections
– The Pixel Triton has 2 x 3-pin pixel outputs, 2 x EtherCON connectors (input/output) and 1 x IEC power connector.
• Protocols
– The Pixel Triton supports ArtNet 1/2/3 and sACN protocols.
• Webpage configuration
– The high power LED pixel driver comes with an intuitive web-based configuration.
– You can use your preferred browser, and you’ll be able to monitor your set-up in no time.
• Supports a wide range of tape and dots
– The following protocols are fully compatible with the Pixel Triton:
– WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, SK6812, TM1804, TM1812, APA-104, 9PDOT (8 and 16-bit)
• Compatible Apps
– Recommended App: ELM
– Award winning, ELM: ENTTEC LED MAPPER provides total control over your LED system, regardless of shape and size.
– Design your layout with vector-based objects for maximum precision and flexibility.
– Load the media of your choice and begin playback as needed
– Supports Spout and NDI
– Supports RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA and White fixtures
• 3rd Party Apps
– Art-Net Controller Android
– ArtNetDmxRemote iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– ArKaos MediaMaster (Windows)
– Aurora DMX Android
– Chameleon Mac OSX
– Freestyler Windows
– Jinx! LED Matrix Control Windows
– LXConsole Mac OSX
– LightFactory Windows
– LightForge Windows
– LightJams Windows
– Lightkey Mac OSX
– Luminair iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– MadMapper Mac OSX / Windows
– QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
– Run The Show iOS (iPhone/iPad)
– TouchDesigner Windows
– Vibrio iOS (iPhone/iPad)


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