ENTTEC IP66 Plink Injector PJ1-56

• Waterproof Pixel Data Injector
• Take your pixel strip outdoors, and drive it like a pro!
• The IP66 PLink Injector is a waterproof pixel data injector, which enables you to take advantage of ENTTEC’s revolutionary Pixelator/PLink system in all weather conditions.
• Designed for controlling digital pixel LED strips in a cost-effective way, the PLink system dramatically increases reliability in comparison to existing offerings on the market.
• Simply connect your IP66 PLink to the output of a Pixelator, Pixelator Mini or DIN Pixelator Mini PX1-8D using a CAT6 cable up to a maximum of 300 metres away from the injector.
• Each Plink Injector can control up to 2 Universes of digital LED tape or strip, with an industry leading input voltage range between 5 and 60V.
• PLinks require no addressing, so this makes for a quick and efficient installation by skilled or even unskilled personnel when using industry standard punch down connectors for data cable and screw terminals for power.
• The IP66 Plink Injector’s rugged, machined aluminium housing has been designed to be impact-, corrosion- and UV-resistant for the highest level of outdoor resilience.
• Other features include stainless steel fasteners, self-retaining screws, premium fixed cable glands with a varying diameter for easy use.
• And to create the ultimate waterproof pixel data injector we’ve even included a breathable seal for automatic pressure equalisation, whilst managing condensation to avoid electronic failures in long-term installations.


• Weatherproof enclosure
Anodized type II closure treatment and two-step electrolytic dyeing makes for excellent outdoor resilience, corrosion resistance and UV proofing.
• Keep the Pixelator far, far away
Connect your Pixelator using a Cat6 cable up to a maximum of 300 metres away from the injector.
• Supports a wide range of pixel tape and dots
Simply connect any ENTTEC pixel tape or pixel dots to the Pixel Link ports (data connection to Pixelator required).
Or you can bring your own tape or dots.
The following protocols are fully compatible with PLink Injector: WS2811 , WS2812 , WS2812b , WS2813 , 9PDOT , SK6812 , TM1804 , TM1812 , APA-104 , TLC5973
• Easy installation
Premium cable glands used, that are Fixed too.
Cable glands will not rotate when tightening, making them easier to install with all sorts of cables .
• A thousand DMX channels
Each plink run allows a maximum of 1024 DMX channels (2 universes) to be driven; this can be used to control up-to 340 RGB individual pixels (or up-to 256 RGBW)
• 3 year warranty
For your peace of mind, get 3 year warranty with our outdoor Plink system.


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