• The perfect EtherCON switch for any project, anywhere.
• From its ruggedized opticalCON and etherCON connectors and 1U chassis, the Hyperion is much more than a standard network switch.
• It has been built from the ground up to prioritise the unicast, multicast and broadcast packet types specific to lighting and AV protocols to ensure the highest degree of reliability.
• The elegant, intuitive localhost web interface allows users to define the speed for each of the Hyperion’s eight ports, set passwords, system name, location and system contact.


• In addition, handy visual indicators show the status of all etherCON and fibre connections.
• This is complemented by flexible hardware options for forward or rear-facing opticalCON or SFP connectors to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements.
• The Hyperion’s redundancy looping and trunking functionality give the user an option to increase network redundancy between units, allowing for seamless data re-routing in the event a cable becomes damaged or power is lost to one section of a network.
• Alternatively, throughout speeds can be increased using link aggregation.
• To ensure quick deployment of multiple Hyperions, an option has been made available to backup and restore port configurations through the web interface.
• Whether you are a lighting or audio-visual engineer, we think you’ll find that the ENTTEC Hyperion is the ultimate etherCON network switch for almost any imaginable task.

• Touring network switch
With industry-standard powerCON, etherCON and opticalCON ports for secure device connection, the HP1’s rugged construction means that it’s built for life on the open road.
• Standard 19″ rack size
– No messing around with awkward wings and add-ons to make it fit.
– Simply slot into a standard touring rack space.
• Easy webpage configuration
– Intuitive web-based configuration. Use your favorite browser, click a few buttons and you’re done.
– Managing a switch has never been easier.
• Prioritises major lighting protocols
– Hyperion was designed with professional lighting protocols in mind and is compatible with Art-Net, sACN, MA-Net, PTPv1, PTPv2 and other TCP/IP usages.
– Multicast or broadcast, this switch can take it all.
• Redundancy backbone link
– For peace of mind, Ports 7 and 8 act as a redundancy link.
– If ever one link fails or drops out, the other link will instantly take over.
– No configuration required.
• EtherCON ports
– The speed of etherCON ports can be managed, and are user-configurable (up-to 1 Gbps).
– Detailed statistics for each port is available to review on the web interface.
• LC Ports
LC Fiber ports available for projects that don’t need the ruggedized fibre connection OpticalCON offers.


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