ENTTEC Gigabit Fibre Optic SFP module

• Connect your Hyperion to fibre networks using the Gigabit SFP module.
• Simply plug and play in order to transmit long distances at lightning-fast Ethernet speeds.

• Gigabit speed, hot swappable module
– With speeds up-to 2200 Mbits per second, this SFP module allows hot swapping.
– Simply plug it into your Hyperion unit and connect away.
• Long distance transmission supported
Supports transmission distances of up to 20 Km or 12.5 miles.
• Electromagnetic interference shielded
With a laser wavelength of 1310nm, this module is shielded to perform at exceptional speeds at all times.
• Compatible with Hyperion switch
Complement your ENTTEC Hyperion switch, and connect it to a fibre network.


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