ENTTEC ET3-R Outdoor LED Bar

• Outdoor LED Bar
• Our all-weather and all-rounder ET3-R Outdoor LED bar is IP65 rated and is just as comfortable with life on the road as it is installed on the side of a building exposed to temperatures as low as -30 or as high as 50 degrees.
• The ET3-R Outdoor LED Bar is a powerhouse combining reliability and functionality within a robust convection cooled housing.
• With a vibrant RGBWA LED output and a choice of 25°, 40° or 60° beam angle, the ET3-R is well suited to a wide range of applications.


• This Outdoor LED Bar is also available in either 300mm and 600mm configurations.
• The ET3-R allows for a number of power supply mounting options tailored to fit your project’s specific requirements.
• In addition, the ET3-R product range allows for both 8 and 16-bit DMX control of each LED colour, allowing a wide array of both pastel and saturated colours alongside the ability to accurately replicate both cool and natural whites.
• Lastly, RDM integration allows for remote monitoring of temperature sensors and addressing.
• The Outdoor LED light Bar you can rely on.

• 100% convection cooled
– The ET3-R’s solid-state design results in truly silent operation, with less servicing requirement, compared to similar fixtures with inbuilt cooling fans.
– These are just two reasons the ET3-R is the perfect choice for installation environments.
• Prepared for the elements
– The ET3-R’s aluminium chassis is perfectly prepared for life exposed to the elements or on the road.
– Its IP65 rating means it is protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction and gives its internals full protection from dust entering the unit.
– The rear of each unit features a breathable valve allowing for pressure equalisation in every environment it is installed within.
– This in combination with its wide ambient temperature range of -30 to 50 degrees makes the ET3-R perfectly suited for virtually any environment.
• Available in 2 sizes
The ET3-R is available in 300mm and 600mm or lengths.
• Beam angle options
Choose between 25°, 40° and 60° beam angles.
• Control and monitor
– Easily control with full DMX-512 support using any DMX source.
– Monitor the temperature sensors, and configure the rest using RDM, thanks to E1.20 support.
• Multiple personalities
– Allows a selection of 6 possible DMX personalities.
– From 8-bit, 5 DMX channel modes to 16-bit, 12 DMX channel mode, each personality allows for the individual control of the unit’s finer features.
• Smart dimming
– Choose from 16-bit or 8-bit LED dimming.
– Simply change the DMX personality and get greater control of the dimming.
– Also available is a strobe mode with controllable frequency from DMX.
• Perfect for any kind of installations
– With a multi-purpose bracket, the ET3-R is perfectly suited to installation or touring use.
– What’s more is that its IP65 design relies upon convection cooling without the need for fans resulting in less power draw and less servicing, alongside being virtually silent.
• Best colour output
– The ET3-R has been laboratory-calibrated to closely follow the black body locus curve.
– With 16-bits resolution allowing the light to travel from true warm to cool whites (1800K to 12000K) keeping a high CRI for natural colours.
• Built-in control panel
– Easily scroll through the settings: set DMX address or record and recall a snapshot or colour preset.
– All with the help of an LCD screen and buttons at the back of the unit.
• Multiple PSU mounting options
The ET3-R offers variants with either fixed or removable PSU options allowing for mounting in tight spaces where flexibility or slim appearance is key.
• Snap to a preset
– Easily take a snapshot, with support for up to 64 fully user-recordable slots, in addition to 50 presets.
– The presets are pre-loaded with stand-alone colours to help you get started.
• Custom finish
Upon request, the ET3-R can be produced in a number of custom RAL colours, contact ENTTEC to find out more.


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