ENTTEC E-Streamer Mk2

• Stream multiple Universes
– Configurations from 4 to 64 universes available.
– Multiple universe recording and simultaneous recording while playing other shows also possible.
– Each Show has it’s own settings, and there’s no limit to the number of shows you can create.
• Simultaneous show playback
– Unlimited simultaneous show playback (HTP merging between shows).
– SD Card for show storage (included)
• Available in two versions
– DMX512, Art-Net, and ESP protocol support.
– Available with DMX ports (4 Universe license included) or without DMX ports (8 Universe license included).
• Smart Web based Control
– Control and configuration using built-in web interface (smartphone compatible).
– Web-based mastering of shows permitted during playback.
– A custom Show Control screen available, designed for ease of use and compatible with any device with a browser.
• More Control options
– Remote Show control is possible either using RS232 or Ethernet-based commands.
– Trigger a show using a Serial command from RS232.
• Scheduler to take care of automated needs
– Flexible play list allows event scheduling by minute, hour, day, and month increments.
– Set it up, and let it run all the sequences as per the saved schedule.
– All done by the Web-based Events page.
• Compact Hardware
– Fits into standard 19″ rack single height (1 Rack unit).
– Small form factor, makes it easy to place it in a cabinet.


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