ENTTEC DMX PlayBack Remote MK2

• Simple to connect
– Simply connect using the included DB9 cable to the DMX Streamer or DMX Playback Mk2.
– And that’s it. Get instant control on first 12 shows.
– No power supply needed.
• Easy to use
– There are no settings to change, just press the button and the show starts.
– Pressing another button will stop the current show and start the selected one, it’s that easy.
• Which show is active ?
– Each button has a LED that turns on, as long as the button is active.
– Label each button to the name of the show, and its easy to know which show is active.
• How many buttons ?
– 6 Show buttons and 1 shift key button.
– Press the shift key to control shows 6 to 12.
– And it also has 6 opto- isolated screw terminal switch inputs at rear


• Add-on for PlayBack MK2 or DMX Streamer.
• Start or stop any of your recorded light shows with the press of a button—it’s that simple.
• Easy connection with a single DB9 cable means no power supply is needed.
• The device can also be operated via infra-red.
• Ideal for shop fronts and bars where quick and easy mood manipulation is needed.


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