• Constant current driver: 1000mA.
• LED lighting effects are only as good as their drivers.
• And our DIN-LED4 range of 4 channel constant current LED drivers are truly exceptional.
• Full DMX/RDM input.
• Adjustable auto mode programs, and typical ENTTEC reliability.
• With 1000mA, each channel controls up to seven 3WATT LEDs in series.

• Control and dimming
– LED4PX allows control of constant 1000mA on each channel.
– Dimming is performed with a 500Hz PWM signal, and 8 bit resolution.
• RDM friendly
– DMX address or Automode is set using any standard RDM controller.
– Supports RDM ANSI E1.20. Simply use with an ENTTEC USB PRO and RDM Controller App to quickly change address on multiple units.
• LED and DMX connections
4 LED ports on 10 way screw connectors, and 1 DMX input on a 3 way screw connector.
• Over current protection
Each channel has auto reset 1000mA over current protection
• DIN-rail enclosure
– Standard 4 module wide din-rail enclosure.
– Operating temperature between 0 to 50 °C ambient.


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