ENTTEC D-Split (5 PIN)

• Featuring our optical isolator with four 5-PIN XLR outlets.
• DMX daisy train out of control? D-Split is here it to make life easier.
• The D-Split is both an optical isolator/splitter and repeater for DMX512.
• It provides one input and four outputs, each of which can be used to create a new chain of up to 32 DMX fixtures.


• So instead of having to make them all fit within a single daisy chain, each of the four outputs from the D-Split can be the start of its own chain.
• In addition, multiple D-Split can be linked together if required, for greater flexibility.
• If you’re using DMX USB devices such as the DMX USB Pro or Pro MK2 and don’t have any level of electrical protection, you can use the D-Split to stop your computer getting damaged by any DMX cabling faults or stray voltage on the DMX line.
• This is possible thanks to its 1000V input/output protection.
• As a great extra feature, each port has a dedicated status LED to give users the ability to visually check that everything is working as it should be.
• This great optical splitter suits many different kinds of applications, from small theatres to places of worship.
• DJs and music band also use the D-Split in addition with DMXIS.
• The D-Split is available in two variants: one featuring a 5-pin DMX input and four 5-pin outputs.
• And a second featuring a 5-pin DMX input, 2×5-pin outputs and 2×3-pin outputs.

• Small yet powerful
– The small, light and portable D-Split – offers a great solution to extend your DMX chain, without sacrificing the quality.
– ANSI E1.11 – USITT DMX512-A compatible.
– One unit allows for replication of control up to 512 channels of DMX throughout the chain.
• Protect your Equipment
– 1 input, 4 outputs, all optically isolated. Protection against up to 1000V of stray voltage.
– Simply connect your fixtures and control, and let D-Split take care of the rest.
– The D-Split features 1000V isolation between input and output, and between any individual output ports.
– This protects your console from surges on DMX line, and also keeps any stray voltage from crossing to other DMX chains.
• Monitor the activity
– LED indicators show both power and DMX output.
– Each output has a green LED correct operation for each output.
• Input & Ouputs
– 1xDMX 5-pin for DMX Input.
– And 4x DMX 5-pin outputs for greater flexibility.
– All DMX outputs may be used simultaneously or in any combination.
• Connect and Extend
– Instead of having to make them all your fixtures fit within a single daisy chain, each of the four outputs from the D-Split can be the start of its own chain.
– Multiple D-Splits can be linked together if needed.


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