• Pendant light.
• Sleek. Sophisticated. And made to measure.
• Compact and easily customised, the BL40 Pendant light can be configured to fit with your requirements to create stunning lighting accent.
• Sophisticated and slim, this profile of 40mm wide can be joined to make continuous lengths of consistent light.
• Create your perfect mood and atmosphere by choosing your colour temperature, RGB, brightness, finish, diffusers and drivers.
• By using strong suspension wires, this profile is perfect to create stunning lighting accent above a desk or stairway.
• We use high-quality LEDs for maximum colour consistency and longevity.
• Our lights are proudly made locally in our Melbourne factory.
• Our engineers designed this modern range of commercial linear lights with aesthetic and practicality in mind.
• Lengths are available in mm increments.

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• Aluminum Construction
Extruded aluminium profile finish can be customised depending on project requirements (anodised or powder coated).
• Maximum Performance
– The profile fits in constricted areas to provide maximum performance.
– Up-to 50,000 hours lifetime, as well as high efficiency
• Low Maintenance
Open construction of luminaire has minimum maintenance
• Best Colour Consistency
High-quality LEDs with 2 step binning for maximum colour consistency and longevity

Technical Specifications
– LED Engine : ENTEC Mirror Drive
– Source efficacy : 120 Lumens/Watt (std)
– Total efficacy : 90 Lumens/Watt @ source
– Power factor : >0.9
– CRI : 80+ (90+ option)
– IP Rating : 20 (standard) 55 (optional)
– Input AC mains : 110-240VAC (external driver)
– Stand. warranty : 3-5-10 years
– Standard lifetime : 50,000hrs/L70
– Temp rating : 10<45°C
– Power Input : Flex & Plug
– DALI / DSI : Screw in terminal
– 1-10V : Screw in terminal
– DMX/RDM : Available by order
Light Engine Options
– CCT: 3000K or 4000K or 5000K
– CRI: 3000K High CRI or 4000K High CRI
– Color: RGB or RGBW
– Output: from 1000 to 4000 lumens per meter
Diffuser Options
– Y12
– Opal 70
– Holographic 80 (H80)
– Clear
Driver Options
– Non-dim
– 1-10V


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