ENTTEC 9PDOT6 (string of 50)

• High resolution IP67 16mm clear square RGB 5V pixel dots (100mm pitch).
• Smarter in every bit.

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• Outdoor 5V pixel dots
– IP67 rated, and carefully crafted, these pixel dots are great for outdoor use with an on-board thermal fuse within each dot, and weatherproof connectors at the end of the string.
– 5V DC input supply voltage.
• Smart with higher resolution
– Each pixel supports up-to 12bit colour resolution.
– Which means, each pixel can achieve over 16.7 million colours with a scan frequency of up to 400Hz.
• Extensible as required
– These come in a string of 50 dots (set at 100mm intervals) with connectors at each end.
– Can easily be extended to suit any project, big or small.
• Strong and robust
– With a tough plastic body, and thick copper cabling, these dots are meant to last.
– The built-in data signal reshaping circuit helps to maintain data integrity.
• Pixel mapping
– Fully compatible with Pixie driver, Pixelator Mini and Pixelator (revB only).
– Please note that Plink injectors will be required.
• Mounting clips support
Easily wall-mount the dots using the 9PDOT6 mounting clip accessory.


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