AZTEC Power Amplifier MA-7000

Features :
• With two types of input jacks (balanced XLR and balanced phone) and three types of output jacks (Speakon, 5-way binding post, and phone), the MA series is suitable for a wide variety of applications and installed systems.
• The unit offers three operating modes: STEREO (where CHA and Ch2 operate independently), PARALLEL (where the unit outputs a CHA source through twin amplifier systems, Volume control independently), and BRIDGE (where the unit operates as a single high-power amp).
• Each channel is equipped with an independent SIGNAL/CLIP/Protect switch indicate.
• The Protect indicator lights upand sound output is automatically mutedwhenever the unit’s protective circuitry is operating.
Variable-speed low-noise fans ensure high reliability when the unit is running hot.

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These MA -series amplifiers fully incorporate own technological expertise, and of fer high reliability,rock-solid stability, and superb acoustic characteristicsall in a trim, 2U/3 U sized package.

General Specifications
– Out power (8Ω) : 2x1500W
– Out power (4Ω) : 2x2200W
– Out power (2Ω**) : 2x2900W
– Out power(BRIDGE, 8Ω**) : 4200W
– Out power(BRIDGE, 4Ω**) : 5200W
– Frequency response : 20Hz – 20KHz( +0/-1dB )
– Thd(20Hz-20KHz, 8Ω) : <0.035%
– Signal to noise : >102dB
– Slew rate : 45V/uS
– Damping factor : >300
– Input sensitivity : Selectable 1.0V
– Input impedance (Ω) : 20Kohm(Balanced)/ 10K ohm (unbalanced)
– Input connectors : XLR-3-31 (two per ch)
– Output circuitry : Class H
– Front panel : POWER switch(Push on/Push off), Two 41-step Volume control knobs (one per ch)
– Rear panel : MODE switch (STEREO/PAR ALLEL/BRIDGE),30Hz HI-PASS switch(ON/OFF),GAIN switch (0.775V/1.0V/1.4V), GROUND LIF T switch(ON/OFF)
– Indicators : POWER(2 x Green), PROTECTION(2 x Red), CLIP(2 x Red), SIGNAL(2 x Green),BRIDGE(1 x orange), PARALLEL(1 x orange)
– Output connectors : Speakon(one per ch), 5-way binding posts
– Protection : Overheat short circuits, DC,Limit and softstart, Output relay Zero Current Switch,Intellctual Clip Limiter.
– Cooling pattern : High/Low Automatism Control
– Power supply voltage : 220 V, AC/50Hz
– Power supply fuse(100V~120V) : 30A
– Power supply fuse(220V~240V) : 25A
– Dimensions( W x D x H ) : 483 x 456 x 132mm
– Net Weight : 40Kg
– Gross Weight : 43Kg


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