• All-in-one RDM package.
• The RDM package combines the very best of ENTTEC’s RDM expertise in one comprehensive kit as impressive as our RDM products are standalone.
• So, the RDM Kit combines our industry-leading USB PRO MK2 and a license key to unlock the full power of both ENTTEC’s RDM Controller and RDM Sniffer apps.
• To ensure the connectivity can be made as simple as possible, these items are bundled with cables and terminators to get you connected.
• Plus, of course, a handy ENTTEC zip case to store it all in.
• Our RDM package is all you need to find, address, configure and analyse your supported RDM devices.


• All included RDM Kit
DMX USB PRO Mk2 (70314), RDM License Dongle (70511), ENTTEC Zip Case (70317), USB Cable (50282), 5pin DMX Breakout cable (79146) and, a 5pin DMX Terminator (79122).
• RDM Controller
Find, configure and monitor all RDM supported fixtures, using ENTTEC’s RDM Controller software with all features unlocked with the included licence key.
• RDM Sniffer
Test, compare and analyse RDM packets to ensure RDM compatibility, using ENTTEC’s RDM Sniffer software with all features unlocked with the included licence key.
• Take it with you
– All the items come packaged inside a portable ENTTEC Zip case.
– Take it with you, and you will be RDM ready wherever you are.
Recommended RDM Apps
– ENTTEC RDM Controller . Windows
– ENTTEC RDM Sniffer . Windows
– O L A Win / Mac / Linux
Recommended DMX Apps
– Capture Atlas . Windows
– Freestyler . Windows
– LightFactory . Windows
– Lightforge . Windows
– Lightkey Mac OSX
– Martin M-PC . Windows
– QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
– Resolume Arena Win / Mac / Linux
– Show Cue Systems . Windows


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