ENTTEC Pixel tape WWA 8PW30 (5V) 5m

• 30 LEDs per metre (CTA + amber)
– The tape boasts 30 brilliant WWA LEDs per metre (Cool White, Warm White and Amber), which helps you achieve the perfect white mix.
– Each LED is patched as an individual pixel, and offers consistent brightness and extended colour gamut.
• Each pixel counts
With individually addressable LED pixels, this pixel tape is suitable for various stage, architectural or entertainment applications.
• Bright and efficient
With a maximum power consumption of 5W per metre and a lumen capacity of 170 lumens per metre, the 5V pixel tape provides an efficient yet bright package.
• Extend as you please
– The tape is sold in 5-metre reels, but feel free to join two lengths together or cut them into smaller lengths depending on your project.
– Rated IP20, this tape is recommended for indoor use only.

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• 30 LEDs per metre (CTA+AMBER)
• Bright and efficient, this 5V pixel tape is best for mixing different whites and amber.
• With 30 WWA LEDs per metre, it brings out the best in your design.
• Fully compatible with the ENTTEC range of pixel controls.


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