The newly developed UNY Multipurpose Auditorium chose AZTEC Lighting Systems for their Stage Lighting Systems Solutions using Full LED Systems and the Best Quality Products Solutions. PT MTJ provides the full extends of Design, Supply and Installations of the Stage Lighting Systems in UNY. Lighting Systems installed are as follows:
– 18 Units x AZTEC LED Fresnel SP-01 (200W) COB LED
– 12 Units x AZTEC LED Profile Spotlight 200 W
– 1 Unit x AZTEC Follow Spot 330 W – 15 R – with Stand
– 23 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 2 RGBW 18 x 10 W Full Color PAR
– 4 Units x AZTEC Moving Head Beam Sharp 230 W
– 6 Units x AZTEC LED Cyclorama RGBW 108×3 W RGBW
– 4 Units x AZTEC LED CYC BAR RGBW 18 x 10 W
– 1 Unit x AZTEC Lighting Console Controller TIGER Systems

Owners and users were very happy with the Lighting Output and Quality of the Lighting Systems provided are flawless, and the systems has been the best installed around the area, very happy with the end result and the solutions provided.