The Goods Department Store & The Goods Coffee located in Plaza Indonesia newly opened store installed their complete Audio Systems using Cornered Audio Systems by PT . Monalisa Tunggal Jaya ( PT MTJ).

PT Monalisa is entrusted with the audio systems solutions for the Coffee Shop and The Goods Department Store with systems as follows:
– Cornered Audio: The Goods Coffee:
* 4 Units x Cornered Audio C-3 Speakers
* 1 Units x AZTEC Portable Amplifier NXP-200
– Cornered Audio: Teh Goods Restaurant:
* 8 Units x Cornered Audio C-5 Speakers
* 2 Units x AZTEC Portable Amplifier NXP-200

With the compact and portable systems delivers a very efficient systems with affordable price and best results in sounds quality. It was very efficiently delivered and sound quality are superb