St. Laurensius Church located at the Outskirt Jakarta, Alam Sutera Complex, is a big massive Church looking to replace the old Visual Display Systems from projector to LED Display Screen. AZTEC LED Display Screen INDOOR P-3 chosen for the venues to ensure the size and resolutions sufficient for their purpose of the worship texts and also camera Live Systems feeds. Everyone is very impressed with the display resolutions results from AZTEC LED Systems and very happy of how it turns out to become.

LED Visual Systems Installed are as follows:
– 2 Sets x AZTEC LED Display Screen INDOOR P-3 Size 3 x 2 Meter
– 1 Units x AZTEC LED Display Processor LVP-605S

It has been a great installations and the smooth resolutions with the nice color saturation and brightness. Everyone is very pleased and it is a better replacement compared to the old Projector Systems.