PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya (PT MTJ) entrusted with the Design, Supply, Installation for Lighting Systems, LED Visual Display and LED MADRIX Ambience Effects for the Soutbank Club in Bandung. With the mainset to be the BEST Club in the city, we created the whole new ambience where nowhere can be found for the biggest and most prestigious installation

The systems installed for Southbank Club are as follows:
– 4 Units AZTEC DMX Strobo 3000 DMX
– 24 Units AZTEC LED Wall Washer Effects L:500 mm
– 28 Units AZTEC Moving Head Beam Sharp II – 230 Watt 7R
– 12 Units AZTEC Moving Head ZACK Beam 4in1 Beam Profile Spot Wash
– 2 Units x AZTEC Fog Machine D-1500
– 1 Units x AZTEC Dreamax Splitter Booxter DMX

Without doubt Southbank has the BEST Lighting Setup on Clubs and everyone is very much satisfied with the installation. Impresively well done and the products are superb with fast moving speed and perfect color output.