Renewed Best Club in Bandung Area named Southbank Club installed specially designed and concepted LED BAR MADRIX Systems for ambience environment LED BAR design with variative presets by MADRIX Systems.

Southbank Club is now the best club in Bandung Area located 200 Kms away from Central Jakarta area. This is the first and only club with the biggest Lighting, LED Display, Sound Systems installation in the city.

To make the systems perfected: AZTEC Lighting and MADRIX Systems are chosen to make sure everything is perfectly done.

Total of Custom Made 320 Boxes of LED Lighting Boxed RGB with RGB Controller and Power Supply Units is combined with MADRIX Plexus Systems.

Perfect combination with jewel gems with combination design presets with perfect animation display. Everyone is very happy with the end result and the design and colors are perfectly lighted up the clubs.