SHOOT Club Medan undergoes total Renovation with a re-owned New Building and Fresh Design Looks entrusted PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya to give the best refreshment possible with the Best possible Lighting Systems and Video Display Screen Systems to provide the best entertainment spot and venues in Medan, Sumatra. The traders group has already been very popular with their fame and famous for the longest Entertainment Provider in Medan.

The ELM MATRIX Systems are super reliable with an automation of auto-sensing audio rhythm makes the fully operational systems are much more easier and less control from operator enabling operator to focus on their daily duties and Lighting Control Systems. LED Videotron Display Screen Indoor installation to provide the nice look and feel of the background visualization for the venue.

Visual Systems installed are as follows:
– Over 320 Meter x AZTEC LED Dynamic Digital Pixel Striplight RGBW Systems 60 Pixels / Meter with Special Alumunium Casing Systems
– ENTTEC Pixelator with ELM MATRIX Super License Systems
– AZTEC LED Video Display Screen INDOOR P-4 mm size: 7 x 3 Meter
– AZTEC LED Display Processor Control Systems LVP-605S

With the complete systems provided by PT. MTJ, every one is very pleased with the end result and how it performed with a very limited time constraints with only less than 2 Months period of Renovation we can achieve a successful and perfect result with long lasting effects.