Further to the Multipurpose Hall, PT Monalisa Tunggal Jaya also entrusted the Main Stage Lighting Systems located in the Radio Republic Indonesia ( RRI ) Main Auditorium Hall with the very old systems installed and many are already in the non function and non workable systems, PT. MTJ taken up the challenge to check and redo the whole systems to make it alive again.  Old Systems will be mixed and combined with the new systems and with the limited time and settings, MTJ teams acted fast in the timely manner to resolve the situations and all cabling redone with the additional safety installed for the old rigging systems.

Lighting Systems installed are as follows:
– SOROT PRO LED PAR 54×3 RGBW: 12 Units
– SOROT Moving Head Beam 230 R 7R Systems: 4 Units
– SOROT LED PAR Fresnel 54×3 W/WW LED: 8 Units
– AZTEC Lighting PEARL Console Controller: 1 Units
– AZTEC Dimmer Pack 1225 DMX Systems: 1 Units.

The venue has been speed up for the grand reopening and everyone is surprised because with the time constraints PT MTJ still able to delivered a stunning results andeveryone is very happy with the results. The Grand Reopening of the Auditorium Hall is a success.