Paradiso Club located in Tegal Chose Lighting and Laser Solution by AZTEC & SOROT PRO to complete their Lighting Ambience Effects. With the influence of design from Jakarta’s Club, the management and owner eager to make a world class club located in Small City of Java island, Tegal area.

Providing facility to enjoy the Club ambience, Karaoke and many other entertainment facility, Paradiso Club strives for the best entertainment venue in the area.

Professional Lighting Systems installed are as follows:
– 6 Units x AZTEC Moving Head Beam Sharpy 7R 230 Watt
– 8 Units x SOROT PRO Mvoing Head Beam 7R 230 Watt
– 12 Units x SOROT PRO LED PAR 54 x 3W RGBW
– 1 Units x AZTEC LASER SUN SD Card with Pangolin Controller
– 1 Sets x MARTIN M-Touch with Standard PC Systems installed with M-PC Controller
– 2 Units x AZTEC Fog Machine D1500
– 2 Units x AZTEC 1500 DMX Strobe Machine

Special Thanks to Owner and Paradiso Management to make the Club is a destination in the city. A small city with a big future.