The newly renovated FABLE Club located in heart of Jakarta, SCBD City area. The club has been the greatest hits around Jakarta and now with the latest full renovation made Fable is definately will be the favorite entertainment spot around the area.
The Lighting Systems and LED MADRIX are designed to make a nice impact but smooth ambience to fit the overall layout providing with the latest Lighting Effects Technology combining the architectural dynamic Lighting with professional Lighting Effects.
The Concept with Fable is surrounded by the Nature which are one of a kind in Indonesia and guaranteed with perfect satisfaction of pure Club Entertainment.

Lighting Systems installed with MARTIN RUSH are as follows:
– 8 Units x MARTIN RUSH MH-4 Beam
– 8 Units x MARTIN RUSH Multibeam 2
– 4 Units x MARTIN RUSH MH-5 Profile
– 4 Units x AZTEC Excellent LASER 1.5 Watt RGB PRO
– 4 Units x Pangolin Systems Controlling Each LASER Manually
– 2 Units x MARTIN Atomic Strobo 3000 DMX
– 2 Units x JEM Compact Hazer PRO with Liquid

The Architectural Ambience Lighting installed with AZTEC as follows:
– 10 Units x AZTEC LED Color Beacon RGB
– 8 Units x AZTEC LED Wall Washer TGD
– 2 Units x AZTEC LED Projector RGBW

With the complete systems installed the club has made a final transformation into one of the Best Club in town. Everyone is amazed with the transformation of the Club and Ambience.