Motion Blue Japan extends their business with franchise in Indonesia named Motion Blue Jakarta. A high roller venue for the wealthy to enjoy the best Quality of Jazz Music. A strict requirements has been set by the Japanese technical team to ensure all the equipment is without any Noise at all so all audience can enjoys a very peaceful mind of Jazz Sound.

Combination of MARTIN & AZTEC Lightings has been chosen upon the many criteria to ensure the quality of lights and Stage performance without any unnecessary noise and sound at all.

The Lightings Systems Equipped are as follows:
– 8 Units x MARTIN RUSH MH-5 Profile
– 8 Units x AZTEC LED CREE Moving Head Wash 36x10W RGBW
– 8 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 2 RGBW 18 x 10 W
– 10 Units x AZTEC LED Leko Profile Spotlight 120W
– 1 Unit x MARTIN M-1 Lighting Console Controller
– 1 Unit x AZTEC Follow Spot 330 – 15R – Discharge Lamp with Stand and Digital Controller
– 1 Unit x Trancension S4 DMX Splitter / Booster

Everyone is very happy with the outcome of the systems. It serves all the needs and purpose. With the professional handling of the technical team, the Motion Blue Jakarta holds regular events of multinational Jazz talents around the globe.