Mama’s PX Puri – Sound Systems Installation entrusted PT MTJ for their ambiance background music ambiance and Acoustic Live Performance integration. The owner of Mama’s is looking for the quality products that can satisfy the comfort with clean installation and chose a combination of Bose Speakers and Hill Audio Systems

Sound Systems installed are as follows:
– 4 Pairs x BOSE Freespace 3 Satellite Speaker
– 2 Units x BOSE Freespace 3 Sattelite Subwoofer
– 2 Units x AZTEC Portable Amplifier NXP-200
For Outdoor Background Speaker:
– 1 Pair x HILL Audio Speakers SMW 620
– 1 Units x AZTEC Portable Amplifier NXP -200
For Stage Acoustical Speakers:
– 2 Units x HILL Audio Speakers SMA 1220 (12″ Active Monitoring Speakers)
– 1 Sets x AZTEC Wireless Microphone ACT-8098 Sets
– 1 Units x Hill Audio Mixers LMR 1204 FXC-U

PT MTJ able to deliver the best quality products and installation with a cost effective result. Mama’s owner are very pleased with the outcome and cost efficeincy provided.